Monday, 29 June 2015


Happy Monday, everyone! I can hardly believe July is nearly upon us. It blows my mind how time flies by so quickly. I'm especially excited about the month of July because it'll bring so many good memories and fun events. Here's what I can't wait for:

1) Family:  My Mom, Dad, and little brother are all coming across the pond the first two weeks of July. I can't wait to show them my life here and we're all going to PARIS! My mom and brother have never been to Europe so this will be a trip of a lifetime. It's been 8 months since I've seen them and gosh, have I missed them!!

2) Birthdays: My dear friend, Gemma just celebrated her 30th and I'm taking her out this Tuesday to celebrate her. We're going to Hakkasan, an amazing Cantonese restaurant that is Michelin starred. Plus, my Mom's birthday is in July as well so I'll get to celebrate with her while they are all here!

3) Wedding: Lee's friend will be getting married in mid-May and this will be the second wedding we've attended together. I'm looking forward to celebrating this couple and dancing the night away with my love. Not sure what I'll be wearing, outfit posts coming soon!

As you all can see, July is going to be a good month! What are you looking forward to in July?



  1. How could you possibly forgot Raylans birthday?? Especially as he shares it with fellow Londoner Prince George so no excuses :) xx

    1. Hey Leaine!! Oh my gosh I nearly forgot with all the craziness with my family coming! Prince George is pretty cute, but Raylan is way cuter and entertaining hehe. Miss you all!!


  2. July is going to be such a fun and busy month for you! So exciting for your family to be coming over and for Paris!

  3. A family visit AND a trip to Paris?!?! That will be so much fun!! I'm jealous :)

    1. I can't wait to see my family :) Blog posts on paris coming of course!

  4. Sounds like July will be a pretty eventful one :) I am really looking forward to that weather change


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